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How to setup your WordPress website Health Monitoring

Step 1

Download the WPMissionControl Plugin here.

Step 2

Login to your Dashboard at https://wpmissioncontrol.com and navigate to Hosts page.

WPMissionControl Dashboard - Navigate to Hosts

Step 3

Click on the blue Edit button on the right:

WPMissionControl Dashboard - Hosts table

Generate API Key:

WPMissionControl Dashboard - Generate API Key

Copy the API Key and do not forget to click the Update button to save it!

In future you can always find your API Key by clicking on the blue Edit button.

Step 4

Install the plugin on your website:
1. Login to your WordPress dashboard
2. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New

WPMissionControl Plugin - Navigate to Add New Plugin

3. Click the Upload Plugin button

WPMissionControl Plugin - Upload Plugin

4. Click the Choose File button and select your recently downloaded plugin file (wp-mission-control.zip)

WPMissionControl Plugin - choose file

5. After selecting the file, Install Now button will become active, click it.

WPMissionControl Plugin - Install Now

6. Click on the Activate Plugin button upon installation

WPMissionControl Plugin - activate uploaded plugin

7. The plugin will be activated and you will be redirected to the settings page

WPMissionControl Plugin Settings screen - add your API key

8. Insert your API key and click the Save Changes button.

After completing all these steps, the system will detect your settings automatically and notify you via your configured notification channels.

WPMissionControl is a comprehensive website monitoring solution designed to enhance security, performance, and reliability for WordPress websites.

Protect your website with WPMissionControl's vigilant monitoring. Be informed of issues instantly, ensuring a secure and smooth online experience. Ready to safeguard your digital space?

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