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How the website’s health and performance grade is calculated

There are several parameters that are taken into consideration when calculating the website’s health and performance grade, each of them having individual weight. The calculation provides the website score, with 0 being the best result.

Uptime Status gives 0 for up and 5 points for down.

Critical Health points add 1 point each.

Recommended Health points add 0.5 points each.

Found Issues have a weight of 0,05 points.

Invalid/absent SSL Certificate adds 5 points.

Downtime Incidents add 0.0005 points each if there was more than 5 incidents. Due to the nature of the system that makes checks every 5 minutes, technically there may be many incidents during one downtime period. Longer downtime periods will produce more score points, reflecting the severity of downtime cause and/or speed of maintenance team response.

Calculated together these points provide an insight of how the website is faring, resulting in the following summaries:

0 – 3 points: Outstanding
3 – 5 points: Excellent
5 – 10 points: Good
10 – 15 points: Poor
> 15 points: Dangerous

A textual explanation is displayed to provide better understanding of what this valuation means.

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